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Bamboo Fly Rod 8' 4wt 2/2 by D.g...

Added by: Mikey McGriffey
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Bamboo Fly Rod 8' 4wt 2/2 by D.g. Schroeder

Updated by Mikey McGriffey 4 weeks ago | Appears in 1 Collection and 1 Place
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Item Title
Bamboo Fly Rod 8' 4wt 2/2 by D.g. Schroeder
Offered for sale is a bamboo fly rod by Don Schroeder of Janesville, Wisconsin. This Trout model is an 8' 4wt 2-piece with two tips. Both tips are straight. The ferrules are tight. The rod has seen few, gentle days on Wisconsin spring creeks. Normal wear to cork, no other discernable defects. Schroeder's rods are known for exquisite attention to detail and classic tapers. This rod features light-flamed cane with translucent champagne wraps. The finish is like glass-flawless. The action is medium--equally suited for dry fly and nymph fishing. It really sings with a 4wt Sylk or Triangle Taper. Here is your chance to own a fine bamboo fishing rod at substantially less than the retail value. (See http://www.dgschroederrod.com/ ) The original bag and tube are included.
Tags Sporting, Goods, Outdoor, Sports, Fishing, Fly, rods
URL rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?pub=533...
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Seller ID tazimna
Store Name N/A
Item Number 220682089183
Category 23819
Bid Count 15
Current Price $885.0
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End Time 10/19/2010 17:01:17PM EDT
Last Updated 10/18/2010 18:19:40PM EDT


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